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for OS 9 and Classic

Note: DateView files can be converted to CalendarMaker for OS X. If interested, contact our Support Department at:

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Manage Your Time...

DateView is a desk accessory that helps you manage your time. Use it to schedule appointments, maintain your to do list and remind you of important events. DateView offers three basic tools to help you manage your time:

An on-screen calendar shows events in your schedule. Adding new events or modifying existing events is easy. Your calendar can be a day-by-day listing of all your events and to do items. A time grid view showing each hour and the item slated for that time slot is also available.

Reminders can prompt you at the correct time, whether or not DateView is open.

Printed calendars let you consult your schedule when you are away from your computer. They can be printed in many different formats.

With Some Powerful Features...

Unlike a wall calendar, you can view DateView in many different ways:

You can show different time periods - single day, a week, two weeks or up to six weeks.

You can use a simple list view, or use the time grid view depicting the blocks of time occupied by the events scheduled.

You can "zoom" in on a single day to see more details.

If you assign events to different categories, you can "filter out" some categories of events when viewing or printing so you can focus on events that are more important to you. You can create categories that suit your needs.

You can quickly adjust the calendar to view any date in the past or future from the year 1904 through 2039.

Other Advantages to Using DateView...

DateView can provide Notifiers to remind you when it is time to attend a meeting or handle a to do item. You can even use the Snooze feature to keep reminding you.

If you have InTouch installed, you can link an event to an InTouch record and open that record from the Notifier dialog box. The information you need for making a phone call or writing a letter in connection with the event will be on your screen.

You can set up events that automatically repeat, such as payment-due dates or regularly scheduled meetings.

To do events can be carried forward automatically from one day to the next, until they are marked as completed.

You can assign priorities to different critical tasks and appointments from events of less importance.

You can search for events using the Find button. It lets you search your calendar based on the date, the priority, whether the event is marked pending or completed, on text in the event's notes, or any combinations of these criteria.

You can print part or all of your calendar in several different formats and take it with you when you travel.

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