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News for OS X users as of October 2007.

DateView -- our appointment book program with reminders and a snooze alarm.

DateView 2.6 and prior versions require Classic Mode to run under OS X. All versions of OS X prior to Leopard OS X 10.5 will support Classic Mode. Leopard will not support Classic.

If you have a new Intel-based Macintosh computer, Classic Mode will NOT work. (This is a hardware problem, not an operating system problem.) Therefore, DateView, which requires Classic Mode, will not work on Intel-based Macs.

If you have a newer Motorola-based Macintosh G4 or G5, DateView 2.6 will work fine. However, the installer programs requires that you startup the computer in pure OS 9 mode. It is not possible on these newer G4 and G5 computers to startup in pure OS 9 mode by holding down the Option key. We have a special release of DateView 2.6 that allows the installation for those who cannot startup in OS 9. If you need the special version of DateView, click here.

If you have an older G4 or G5 Macintosh (or any older Mac), DateView 2.6 will work fine in Classic Mode under OS X. The installer program requires that you start up in pure OS 9 mode by holding down the option key on start up; that is, the DateView application works fine in Classic Mode, but the installer program does not.

NOTE: If you have DV 2.6 installed already, you have the most current version.

We do not have a prediction for an OS X version of DateView

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