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DiskTop Screen Shot

DiskTop is one of MacUser's "13 Must Have Utilities"...

In their August 1995 issue, Mac User called DiskTop the "Mightiest of Movers".

"The Mac's drag-and-drop file-management system is fine for everyday chores, but when it's time to reorganize your system or just clean house, DiskTop's invaluable. From a single window, DiskTop lets you search for files by name or any other attribute; view the contents of all your disks; and move, copy or delete folders, files, aliases. Its Technical view even lets the daring track down pesky, invisible files."

DiskTop Finds All...

DiskTop has a powerful find feature that allows you to define detailed search criteria to search folders, hard drives and entire networks to locate applications or documents. Your search criteria can be by file name, file type, file creator, file size, creation and/or modification date. And once you find the files you are looking for, DiskTop will display the hierarchical path you follow to find the file, or launch it directly from DiskTop.

DiskTop Launches Fast...

DT Launch lets you place your most often used applications and documents in a convenient pull-down menu for instant access. You can quickly add or remove files as your needs change. No longer do you have to sort through your hard drive to launch your most frequently used files.

DiskTop for Experts...

As if all these features weren't enough, DiskTop come with added features that the expert computer user will love. DiskTop allows you to make invisible files visible and vice versa. Build up to ten different DiskTop views to display only the information about your hard drive that you want to see.

You can Shutdown, Restart and set attributes of files on any disk without leaving the current application. And the "Get Info" function allows the storage of info comments that will not be deleted when rebuilding your desktop.

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