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Download Demo Note: The demo and the full version are the same software. The activation key turns the demo into a full copy. Your computer remembers your activation key when you update.

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    for OS X

(including Intel-based Macs)

For links to the version 3.0 and 3.1 manuals, go to the bottom of this page.

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InTouch With is an Address Book...

InTouch With is a free-form information manager. Instead of separate fields for each piece of information, InTouch With uses just two data entry fields. Most people use InTouch With as a contact manager and use the first field for names and addresses and the second field for phone numbers and notes. The second field can have fully formatted and styled text that can be time and date stamped to allow you to track conversations, projects or other notations. Because it's free form, your golfing buddy's record can have a record of yours and his golf scores, your largest client's record can have the children's names, and your doctor's record could have a log of all your visits.

InTouch With is Free-form...

InTouch With offers a refreshing alternative to predefined structured personal information managers or "design your own" databases for keeping information organized with your Macintosh. Sophisticated, but simple to use, InTouch With offers a very straight forward way to put information to use.

Free-form is better...

The big advantage to free-form is that you can enter data very rapidly, and InTouch With gladly takes whatever information you type. You don't have to worry about how long an address is or how many lines it takes. Foreign addresses present no problem for InTouch With. You simply use as many lines as you need, in the order that makes sense to you.

A bigger advantage to free-form is the ability to enter any kind of information. Whether it's your poetry collection, genealogy facts, URL's, e-mail messages or miscellaneous notes, InTouch With handles them all! Locating information in InTouch With is fast and easy since every word is a "key word."

InTouch With uses the Mac OS X's services to interact with other software applications. Without InTouch With being open, these services allow you to add information to your InTouch With data file and to retrieve information from your file to paste into almost any Macintosh software application that supports the new OS X services.

This feature is most commonly used to pass or "snap" an address into a word processing document. Where the addressee is in your InTouch With data file, this is done by simply typing the name, highlighting the name and selecting Services from the application menu to retrieve the address from InTouch With. Conversely, where the addressee is a new contact, you can type the name and address into the document, highlight the information and the applicable Service to automatically add the information to your InTouch With file.

This feature, along with InTouch With's free-form design, enables you to use InTouch With as a central repository for "on-the-fly" gathering of all sorts of diverse information in addition to just names and addresses. If you can highlight text, you can automatically add it to an InTouch With file.

Download the fully functional 30-day Demo

Download the InTouch With version 3.0 PDF IconManual (complete and applicable to 3.1)

Read the online InTouch With version 3.1 Manual (only partially complete but more current--best choice)

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