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Prairie Group's Related Vendor List

This page contains links to other companies whose products work with or are related to Prairie Group's products.

Sophisticated Circuits Logo Sophisticated Circuits

Makers of the DeskTop Dialer (supported by InTouch 2.5 for dialing on ADB systems). e-mail at sales@sophisticated.com

CE Software Logo CE Software, Inc. (now Startly Technologies, LLC)

Makers of QuickConference, In/Out, InOut Tracker, CEToolbox (used with several older Prairie Group products) and former publisher of DiskTop, Amazing Paint, Alarming Events, MockPackage Plus Utilities, MacBillboard and CalendarMaker - all products which are now from the Prairie Group.

Inso Logo

New publishers of DocuComp, formerly published by Advanced Software (the Prairie Group's InTouch, DateView and QuickTools products were formerly published by Advanced Software too, but DocuComp was sold to MasterSoft and then Adobe and now Inso).

Micro Machines

Makers of the Turbo dialer (used with InTouch 2.5 for speaker dialing). [Not sure what happened to this company.]