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  DiskTop Demo Disk

After downloading "DiskTop Demo.smi" (a self-mounting image) to your computer double-click it and then read the file "Read Me (DiskTop 4.5.3 Demo)" for installation instructions.
DiskTop is a desk accessory that provides simple, yet powerful ways to locate and manage your files and hard disk(s).

This demo provides a 30 day working copy of DiskTop. The 30 day countdown begins the first time you launch the DiskTop demo on your Macintosh. The date that the demo will expire is given in the title bar of the DiskTop window.

The demo does not include the features and functions provided by DT Launch, a powerful file launching utility that provides fast access to your most used applications and documents. Several other useful utilities are also included in the full version of DiskTop.

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Requirements for DiskTop Demo

System Software
The full version of DiskTop can run on machines using System 6.0.4 or higher, but the DiskTop demo requires System 7 through 9.

The full version of DiskTop and this demo will run on any Macintosh from the Macintosh Plus onward.