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What caused us to have a problem? - Here's our answer, posted on December 8, 2011 (rev. Sep. 25, 2017).
We began working on the update for Lion three months before the public release of Lion. Our programming team for this project consisted of two individuals, both independent contractors -- one had a twenty-year relationship with our company.

Programming was to be done off-site. Though we felt development was not proceeding quickly enough, we were assured that though the task was difficult, progress was being made. This situation continued through September. In October we learned that the lead programmer had an aggressive, fatal disease. He has now passed away. Because this illness was kept secret from us, both our company and you, our customers, have been harmed. Legal action is under consideration which has caused us to be more silent than we would have preferred.

In October we began searching for a replacement programmer to complete the update for Lion. Despite the offer of significant compensation, we have not yet found a properly qualified applicant.

We are disclosing this problem hoping that someone may know the right person who could complete this work. We estimate that not a lot of time is needed for completion. We are willing to negotiate significant compensation to a qualified candidate who can complete the task. We are also offering a $500 award payable to the person who refers the programmer who successfully gets this software shipping within the time period that we negotiate with the candidate. Send referrals of qualified programmers to our Support Department. [We have plenty of candidates, but still lack sufficient seed money.]

We again apologize for our silence. We ask for your understanding and assistance in helping us get these updated versions finished. (As of El Capitan we had good news on one of our products.)
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